Fun with fruit

Eamon Hamilton was one of the highlights of the Camden Crawl in April as he played a solo show. On stage with the rest of the Brakes boys, the former British Seapower man was part of another excellent performance.

The band, like BSP, have quirky additions to their stage set. On this occasion it was pineapples on the amps that caught the eye before the band took to the stage. Towards the end of the gig the fruit found their way into the fans ahead of 'Porcupines or Pineapples'.

Brakes played through a set lasting around half an hour, featuring tracks from their two albums 'Beatific Visions' and 'Give Blood'. Their mix of country and punk, as well as the number of songs that clock in at under twenty seconds, means the set rattles along at an infectious pace to make Brakes a must see live band.

The set highlights included 'Ring A Ding Ding', 'All Night Disco Party' and the ever-popular 'Comma Comma Full Stop', one of the short blasts of punk that always gets a massive reaction.

Brakes have something of a cult following which means they get a could turn out where ever and at whatever time they play. This was an energetic and fun way to start day three at Leeds.