Get it On

Fresh from their well received set at Download Norway's Turbonegro take up the penultimate slot on the Lock Up stage at Leeds Festival. They arrive resplendent in their customary stage outfits, vocalist Hank Von Helvete once again dressed in fetching stars & stripes regalia. They get a good crowd and proceed to deliver their unique brand of punk/rock with a hint of metal.

The set draws on much of their extensive back catalogue, which means that new and old fans alike are smiling and all too keen to join in at every opportunity and of those there are plenty. 'Manimal' gets everyone singing along but the track of the night is the superb 'All My Friends are Dead' that (humour aside) demonstrates what a good band Turbonegro can be. Not all the songs quite hit the mark though but they have enough good songs to carry them through.

Other highlights come with 'Sell Your Body (to the Night)', 'Get it On' and crowd favourite 'Sailor Man'. Even the newer material like 'Do You Do You Dig Destruction' gets a good reception and it fits into the set well but as with some of the other bands on the bill today, you do get the feeling that 45 minutes is just long enough to hold the interest. There isn't a vast amount of variety in their sound and a longer set may run the risk of losing the interest of some of the more casual observers.

Still, Turbonegro have come to have fun with the crowd and a good time is had by all. Amusing, entertaining and solid without ever being really outstanding.