Against you indeed Sir!

Florida's Against Me! pull a smallish crowd by the standards of the day so far, perhaps due in part to some pretty scathing criticism that the band have received after signing to Sire Records after being so vociferously opposed to the majors for so long. Whatever their misdemeanours it's clear that they can still pack a punch as they kick off with a couple of rousing anthems.

Early on in the set it's all melodic punk with big sing along choruses and it's all rather familiar fayre. There's no let up though with only the briefest of pauses between songs and no interaction with the crowd. As with their set here two yeas ago they lose some of the impetus half way through with a succession of slower and far more mainstream sounding songs such as 'Don't Lose Touch'.

The sound is good though and the performance decent with Andrew Seward and Tom Gabel (on bass and guitar respectively) constantly playing off each other. The crowd swells considerably when Lost Prophets finish on the main stage (it may also be due in part to the imminent arrival of Gallows!). Last time Against Me! graced this stage they really pulled the set out of the bag at the end when they wound it up to an impressive finish but today it just doesn't happen. The set winds down and eventually peters out and as they leave (without a word to the crowd) the reaction is not what it might have been. Disappointing.