Bronx Solution

Over the last five years The Bronx have achieved something of a cult status, which was evident when they supported Rise Against on their UK tour earlier this year. They get a justifiably high billing on the Lock Up stage today and set out to show exactly why straight from the beginning of their forty minute set.

Singer Matt Caughthran bounds onto the stage wearing a huge grin, clearly appreciative of the large crowd and the enthusiastic reception. They literally fly through the first three songs with no break between them. The crowd are animated and the sound is good but it's all about to move up a notch. Long term fans will have been expected it but for many nearer the back it comes as a surprise when Caughtran climbs down to the crowd, over the barrier and whilst security frantically feed out the mic lead he goes walk about in the crowd. Caughtran proceeds to belt out the next three songs whilst the crowd go crazy around him and it's all part of the unique appeal of The Bronx.

The real key for The Bronx though is that whilst they have a firm grasp of hardcore and punk they also know how to mix in melody and put their own stamp on it. 'Shitty Future' sees them get one of the wildest circle pits of the weekend, which continues through 'Around the Horn'. It's a great performance and just what's needed for anyone that may be flagging after a full day. Having climbed back on the stage for most of the set Caughtran decides this is not the place to finish and as they launch in to the final song 'False Alarm' he's back into the thick of the crowd. The Bronx are seemingly the complete package, a great band with the performance to match. Excellent stuff.