Old revolutionaries

Capdown are old favourites here on the Lock Up Stage, this being their third year in succession. They always pack out the tent and today is no exception although there's the added interest that for many it will be the last chance they ever get to see the band, who announced recently that they were going their separate ways after ten years together.

It might be their last ever performance at Leeds but they're not about to go out with a whimper. Never afraid to mix the set up it's the turn of the neo-ska classic 'Cousin Cleotis' to get an early airing today and it's an inspired choice as it gets everybody jumping and dancing. The later material like 'Keeping Up Appearances' sits along side old favourites comfortably and it's a typically energy fuelled performance from the band who seldom stop moving. Bassist Boob is all smiles and singer/sax player Jake proclaims that some of his fondest memories of playing in a band come from this tent; that's all the crowd need to spur them on even further.

They dedicate 'New Revolutionaries' to the King Blues before launching into an absolutely stunning version of 'Bitches and Nike Shoes'. When Capdown are on form (which let's face it is most of the time) they are a pretty unstoppable force, their blend of hardcore punk and ska is nothing but infectious. There are a succession of crowd surfers keeping the security busy through 'Home is Where the Start Is' but most of the crowd are waiting for the one song they just know is coming. Sure enough the best is saved until last and when the band go into 'Ska Wars' the whole tent just erupts in unison. It's some site to see a capacity crowd all jumping and dancing together and it's created another great memory for the band to take away.

Capdown bow out in fine style and the crowd give them a huge send off. They really are one of the UK's best live bands, they'll be sorely missed.