Better than Waterworld

Let's face it Sunday's line up at Leeds festival is weak, the Lock Up Stage has become the dance tent, which I might add never sees the numbers of the previous two days, and everywhere you look is a plethora of indie. The advantage of this being that you get a little time to check out the smaller stages such as the Topman Unsigned stage, where a host of bands are playing throughout the day with a real pick and mix of styles. Today I happen upon a seven piece from Sheffield called 'This Floating World'.

They are an unlikely looking bunch but they make a good noise, the addition of trumpet and keyboards to the more traditional set up giving them plenty of scope for variety. In the main it's fairly relaxed and lightweight but they have the odd heavier break and some big chord changes. The two vocalists have good range and there are some well worked harmonies, which manage to gloss over unoriginal song titles like 'Brave New World'.

Not the most exciting visually and the between song delivery is muffled much of the time but the strength in depth of the material more than compensates and there are plenty of positives. The small crowd gathered in front of the stage take to them too and This Floating World could well be one to watch.