The song applies to you

With the luxury of some time to kill between sets on Sunday evening I venture into the Alternative tent and am confronted by the site of Tim Ten Yen parading his wares in front of a small (thirty or so) but enthusiastic crowd. Admittedly at first I thought he was one of the comedy acts, there he is alone on stage dressed in a suit and prancing about the stage whilst singing along to a programmed backing track. It soon becomes clear though that Mr Ten Yen is serious and the longer he plays the more I grow to like him.

His music is quirky overbearing pop but it's delivered with such gusto and fun that you can't fail to find him entertaining. I later learn that his whole act is the brainchild of the Sinister Cat, which sits on stage throughout his set. Odd, yet rather charming. We are treated to a host of songs that range in subject matter from girls ('Girl Number One') to animals ('The Bear and the Fox'), the latter being irresistibly catchy and embarrassingly simple at the same time.

I feel my hardcore punk fašade withering away as Tim Ten Yen bombards me with plastic pop a plenty. I should hate him, I should think him a travesty and yet his very English eccentricity appeals. Perhaps not the new Syd Barrett but he continues a fine tradition of 'out there' individuals that will just do their own thing regardless and take many of us along for the ride. Tim Ten Yen is an optimistic breath of fresh air that should be applauded and he duly is.