Incubus 3rd October 2007 Bournemouth International Centre.

Opening with a Flamenco Indie three piece from Germany, Incubus really looked to be taking risks this time round. A re-scheduled date from earlier on this year, saw a capacity crowd set and ready for the long anticipated show.

Playing at the Bournemouth International centre, the Californian five piece were never set to fail to show us what 11 years of writing music together can do to a band. The set was as tight as you would expect and the reliable performers pulled it out of the bag once more.

Brandon Boyd looked edible and rejected heavy banter with the crowd, letting the music do the talking. Incubus opened up with new track "Quicksand" taken from the bands sixth album "Light Grenades", a sign of what is still to come.

Pleasing the more fair weather fans was no doubt a necessity and it was sad to see many of those seating leave after the band performed "Drive". Safe to say- I was pleasantly surprised that "Are you in" wasn't on the set list and instead the boys opted to perform earlier material from Science and Make Yourself.

Leaving out the catchy singalong chorus of "Are you in" was a risk that they managed to pull off without breaking a sweat. "Meglomaniac", "Nice to know you" and "Wish you were here" most definitely made up for its lack of attendance.

"Anna Molly", and an acoustic version of "Redefine" also made the final cut- the latter a move I've not yet decided upon whether I approved. "Blood on the ground" received a huge response and managed to escalate the crowds movement to the max.

"Sick sad little world" was the shows highlight. Taken from "A crow left of the murder", the solo filled classic provided the audience with a self made light show from Boyd and beautiful, magical solos. Possibly the best thing I have ever seen live.

And the rest of the show failed to disappoint. The support band Puggy set us up nicely, a wicked unique release from typical indie acts. The encore consisted of "favourite things", "Beware criminal" and rarely performed solemn track "Aquarius transmissions." Overall all a magnificent package- that kept me going the whole duration of the top floor car park delay.