Bringing The Chaos With Fun

The Used are in good company tonight. Not only do they have a carnival of bands supporting them on the Taste Of Chaos tour but Paris Hilton is here, Sly Stallone and George Bush have even made it to the gig. Heck, the band from Utah have even managed to convince Darth Vader and Elvis to come along, and sure they all maybe cardboard cut outs but at least they are still here! Besides the slight comedy factor of the cut outs though there seems to be little reason for them decking the stage but then the same could be said about some bands!

Pitching the stage into darkness The Used up the theatrics stakes for their set on the Taste Of Chaos tour, building anticipation relentlessly amongst their fans until front man Bert McCracken finally makes his entrance, ploughing into ‘The Bird And The Worm’ in all its dark gory sumptuousness with his jet black hair menacingly framing his face. Encouraging all to stick their middle finger in the air, which his fans loyally do without question, McCracken brandishes everyone a liar as the catchy beat of ‘Liar, Liar’ announces its arrival sending all into a dance fed flurry. Perhaps some what naively or just stupidly McCracken choices this point to ask who wants to join him on stage. With a surge of bodies pushing to the front it is a mob of overexcited youngsters that answer his call, leaping onto the stage to dance with their idol. As the band launch into ‘Paralyzed’ you can almost see McCracken regretting his demand as he receives unwelcome hugs from his ‘fans’ as they threaten to take over the stage. Luckily for The Used these guys really do love their singer and for all their enthusiasm they manage to leave the band undamaged if slightly ruffled to finish the set.

Never one to shy away from controversy McCracken even manages to ignite a wave of shock through the crowd as he introduces his band, pausing to kiss guitarist Quinn Allman on the mouth, an act which surprisingly leads to an eruption of cheers from the crowd. With the shock tactics out of the way though it is time for The Used to return to the music, with ‘All That I’ve Got’ transforming into an almost medley that embraces ‘Buried Myself’ before returning to its original state to close. Recent single, ‘Pretty Handsome Awkward’ ensures one last crowd sing along before the Utah band introduces a special guest for tonight’s show with Aiden’s wiL Francis joining McCracken on vocals for ‘A Box Of Sharp Objects’, both singers hugging one another as their voices bring the European leg of Taste Of Chaos to a friendly yet riotous end. But of course that’s not it; this being the final night there were always bound to be some shenanigans and as if on cue The Used and Francis are joined on stage by all the other bands as they rush around with cans of silly string, Gallows Frank Carter sneakily getting everyone covered in the stuff before making a quick exit unscathed. And with the card board celebrities unceremoniously thrown into the baited crowd and ripped to shreds Taste Of Chaos truly lives up to its name, ending in a rampage of fun that leaves all drained of energy, dazed and desperate for more.