A Late Night On Friday?

This band is becoming one of the most talked about bands of the year. A year ago most people would not have heard of this band - yet 12 months later, after Kerrang! themselves added their support, they seem to be making appearances everywhere.

The Scottish rockers unique sound has played a part of this years Reading and Leeds Festivals on the main stage, as well as a headline tour that is to come later this year. They have a great capacity for an amazing live performance and have prooved this in the past.

So what happened today? The vocals sound as if they not only belong in a different song, but in a different band - they screech through every song and the only differences in tone are dull-monotones or high-screeching. The rest of the band managed to compliment this perfectly with a sound that most drunken pub bands playing to 30 people could manage. The set included selections of feedback, brain-piercing guitar riffs and muddy bass.

To be fair to the band - a lot of this appears to be due to the mixing, and the hardcore BC fans still seem to be enjoying the set whilst the rest of the crowd seem unenthused. From the back of the arena boos can be heard echoing and chants of "get off the stage". If this were teh first time I saw a band my opinion of them would be lowered significantly, thankfully it isn't the first time I've seen them and I stll have hope.