The Rocket Summer live at Kings College Student's Union

When I was initially invited along to see The Rocket Summer I thought, another band of lads in their early teens trying to be rockers. How much more wrong could I have been!

The Rocket Summer is basically young solo musician, Bryce Avary, who is one of only a few very talented and entertaining musicians I have had the privilege to see live. The band is characterised by his talented ways of mixing indie rock/power pop elements to create some of the catchiest and get up and dance rhythms known to man…and woman. This young man has the ability of ten when he is up on the stage giving it his all. Not only does he sing amazingly, but also he wrote all the tracks he performed and plays keys, guitar and drums though his performance; and these are just the instruments on this particular night. On previous albums he has a lot more talent on show if possible.

The tracks that were performed at this show blew me away. The powerful and fairly optimistic choruses of tracks like ‘Break It Out’ and ‘Do You Feel’ had the crowd beaming with excitement and bouncing off the floor with energy. The diverse instrumental sounds on this night were enough to knock a girl…or guy off their feet. Avary moved back and forth from guitar to keys while also giving a taste of his drumming talents.

He performed tracks from all ends of his discography including ‘Colours’ and one of the most ecstatic, catchy and involve yourself tracks I have ever heard, ‘So Much Love’. While listening to this song, I had shivers rolling though my nervous system. Not only did this young man give an electric performance, but he also gave a calmer acoustic set just to make things a little more intimate. Within this section he rekindled a wonderful ‘TV People’.

In terms of vocals, I found his unique voice soothing while singing ballads, then energetic on the upbeat numbers. He has a voice like none I have ever heard before; interesting, entertaining and gives a tingling sensation down my back as I listen. When performing, this lad sure knows how to hold a note, especially on ‘Say’. He sings right on queue, and at times it is as if he is singing right into your heart.

Enthusiasm was at a high in this show. Through playing and singing, emotion and passion fell of this young man like apples off trees. I walked away from this show on a buzz high. I was fully entertained for the remainder of the weekend and have had the songs permanently implanted in my mind ever since. If there is one musician to look out for in the coming year, think the Rocket Summer and most importantly, Bryce Avary.