Between The Trees live at Kings College Student's Union

Between the Trees is a fairly strange name for a band, but then again who is to say what is strange and what isn’t in the music industry today. While touring with the likes of The Rocket Summer, the last show of the tour came at the Kings College Student’s Union.

When you go to a gig you are never really sure of what to make of the support, but I am certainly sure that once you hear the likes of this band, the fact that they were a support will be lost in our mind. It is hard to believe that just over two years ago the lads were just getting started with playing their instruments and now they play as if practicing since childbirth. They gave a great performance of tracks like ‘A Time For Yohe’ with guitars, keyboard, bass, drums and on some tracks a synthesiser. With this combination of instruments, it is quite easy to see why they were so exceptional to watch and listen to.

Long hair was flying, feet were tapping and arses shaking…and that was just from the lads on stage. The crowd couldn’t get enough from the band and kept yelling for more. Vocalist Ryan Kirkland, who is also guitarist and plays keyboard, had the voice of a pop star but surrounded with the sounds of a rock star. Brad and Wes gave their all and really got the crowd moving with the amount of energy they put into making it an unforgettable night.

Whether you want to call them indie, pop or rock, or a combination of all three, what can be said about these lads is they had the crowd shook up and ready to dance by the time their set was completed. A well thought out and put together set.