A Supreme Spectacle

IAMX, the brain child of Sneaker Pimps Chris Corner are undoubtedly one of the most aesthetically pleasing bands you'll ever have the pleasure to see; there's none of this indie jeans and tshirt business. No, for IAMX music and visual pleasure are wrapped up in one big glossy package that makes for an unbeatable musical experience. The band come onstage to the theme from Cabaret as laser lights criss cross the stage. They kick off with the tumultuous 'Skin Vision', letting the audience drink in the grandiose outfits - Chris is clad in glittering purple attire making him resemble a grand ring master, while synth and bass player Janine is perfect for the part in a sparkling gold and black corset. All of Corner's live band are as theatrical as the man himself, with Janine whipping the crowd up by punching her fist in the air to the forceful beats and hanging from a ladder to the side of the stage. The lighting has also been perfected to enhance the experience; 'Bring Me Back A Dog' kicks off with the band silhouetted against smoke and golden glow and the crowd are constantly fixated by the glorious spectacle.

The crunching industrial bets of 'The Alternative' wind the crowd up to an early writhing frenzy and other tunes from the recent album of the same name seem to receive a fantastic response, 'Nightlife' is especially rapturous; its thundering, toxic beats ringing out across the sea of frantic fans. The older tunes also get a look in though, with 'Sailor' early on in the set seeing Chris careen across the stage, the classic, 'Kiss + Swallow' whipping up the crowd before the encore and 'White Suburb Impression' and the fantastic falsetto pop of 'Missile' ending the set. Corner is masterful and his circus quite spectacular, if you get the chance to see them live, don't miss out!