Uncomplicated Enjoyment

Soho Dolls might be a mish mash of other electro groups in a visually pleasant form with a little Victorian chique and a wild frontwomen thrown in, but as a live act, they're fun. Their music is reminiscent of the cheek of fellow IAMX protégés Robots In Disguise, but with far superior instrumental ability and tuneful singing. Singer Maya is the spit of a female Russell Brand, in both her cocky arrogance and Victorian goth look. She struts up and down the stage in shorts and stockings, clawing at her clothing and yelping, although the fact that she asks if there are any vampires in the audience and then howls like a werewolf, and that at one point her yelps turn into a cocky burp, show cracks in her whipped up electro sex siren demeanour. The music is uncomplicated and highly repetitive, but it's easy to dance to and the crowd are happy to oblige, joining in chants of 'Trash The Rental' and enjoying the reference to Regents Park in '1724'. They might not be about to rock the world of the serious music fan, but Soho Dolls are good, finely fashioned and melodically tight fun.