Confusing but rewarding

On arrival at the Enterprise around 9 PM on the Saturday night of Camden Crawl, gig-goers were confronted by three blokes playing ukuleles as part of a rather odd karaoke night. The tradition of murdering popular classics like ‘Dancing Queen’ and ‘I Will Survive’ was still alive and well however. As if this wasn’t strange enough, upstairs the Japanese/Italian outfit Screaming Tea Party were winning the oddball set of the weekend award.

Their music stumbles from lo-fi simplicity to hardcore punk, with even a hint of sixties-style pop along the way. Vocally they’re just as diverse, ranging from soft murmurs to all out screams and yelps.

The stand out song from their armoury is the ‘Teenage Kicks’ reminiscent ‘Let’s Do Not Say Another Word’, found on the band’s six-track release titled ‘Death Egg’.

Another healthy-sized crowd saw this one, I wonder how many wandered upstairs to escape what was branded as Karauke, anyone looking for a less confusing half hour’s entertainment won’t have found it up here. They will however have discovered one of the finds of The Crawl, one to definitely go back for another look at in future weeks.

As the band left the stage, we got the age-old trick of guitar smashing; their guitarist also left one shoe on the amp. Why? No idea, the same answer that can be given to the question “so why does this actually work?"