A Fiery Fever

The Kills are on fire. New album, 'Midnight Boom' has been flooded with praise and the new tunes really begin to come into their own and take on their own personalities in the live arena. Less immediate and striking numbers like, 'Alphabet Pony' and 'Sour Cherry' explode with vitriolic grit on stage and show that they have the potential to become as catchy as the rest of the band's fare. It's hits from the band's last album, 'No Wow' that receive the greatest cheers of the night, the title track whipping up a storm with its brooding bass and leering vocal lines, and 'The Good Ones' is frantic and frenetic. The band open with, 'U.R.A Fever', surely one of their most infectious hits to date and it's a good choice to mesmerise the crowd instantly, while the other new singles, 'Cheap and Cheerful' and 'Last Day Of Magic' are also highlights of the set. The duo play for a good hour with these punchy hits mixed with a fair share of older and more creative tracks that see guitars screeching and meandering as VV careens across the stage, full of charisma and eclectic energy. All eyes are on the quirky singer, dressed up in leopard print and fishnets with a hungry look in her eyes, while guitarist Jamie is glued to the spot, emitting rock riff after rock riff. While the group themselves are enigmatic enough, their music is accompanied by a collection of epic images from rock and cultural history filling the massive screens behind the pair, intensifying the experience for the eager audience. Everything that The Kills touch seems to have a hint of rippling magic, which oozes from every tune in their lengthy set this evening.