A Top Treat

Delays seem pretty confident when they take to the Sandisk Stage, but soon singer Greg betrays the fact that they're a little nervous, encouraging the crowd to start a Mexican wave to combat nerves. The crowd seem to be enjoying the sunny pop and acquiesce willingly, even adding some playful whoops. It's a great beginning to a very good performance. Numbers in the tent are boosted by a sudden downpour of rain, but those newcomers to the band are soon entranced by the band's melodic, ecstatic pop shots which are played with vigour and excitement, which is half of the battle to winning an audience over on a rainy day. Vocal harmonies, rasping guitar riffs and pretty lighting all enhance the allure of the band as singer/guitarist Greg leaps around the stage. 2006 single 'Hideaway' is a highlight and would be a definite pre-smoking ban lighter moment, but for now the band settle with handclaps instead of a sea of flames to complement this pretty, upbeat love song. Recent single, 'Hooray' also goes down well; it's gleeful synth pop at its best and enough to life spirits despite the heavy rain. 'Long Time Coming' is the penultimate track, stirring plenty of cheers as the theremin like intro echoes across the sea of soggy souls, it's a definite anthem and if there's one track that the crowd leave with in their heads; it's probably this one. Delays are a delightful surprise and though they benefit from the bad weather; those merely seeking shelter probably got a better deal than they suspected.