Electronica Ruled on the Ents 24 Stage

Confession time, The Egg weren’t on my schedule of bands to see over the weekend, but on a trip to the bar the intriguing sound of ambient electronica drew me to the Ents 24 Stage. Many more had already headed in that direction as there’s a decent number gathered in front of Guilfest’s second stage.

The Egg have enjoyed a rise in profile in the past couple of years, with a number of festival performances as well as the smash hit remix of their track ‘Walking Away’, turned into ‘Love Don’t Let Me Go’ by David Guetta. Their career is a lengthy one though, having been releasing music for over ten years, with only a brief break at the start of this decade after being dropped by their record label.

The make up of the band is that of a rock act, with guitar and bass alongside drums and the dominant keyboard performance. There’s a rock influence going on, alongside funk and chill-out, making for an interesting and enjoyable set.

The David Guetta hit, minus the vocals and with a more jazz/funk feel ended the set and was a definite highlight of Guilfest day 1. For some The Egg would have already been preaching to the converted, but for many a mainstream radio smash would have been the inspiration. Judging by the reaction as they left the stage, The Egg will certainly be welcome back to Stoke Park.