Brilliant Fun

The irrepressible ego of Har Mar Superstar, otherwise known as Sean Tillman, took the stage for a set little more than half an hour long, but made sure he left an impression; albeit for some, a slightly disturbing one.

Skipping about the stage, belly hanging from a white tracksuit and sporting pink sunglasses, Har Mar delivered his brand of happy pop melodies coupled with their sex-laden lyrics while gradually stripping, until he was dancing around the stage in nothing but a pair of sweaty Y-fronts and some white socks, sporadically shouting into the crowd: “You motherfuckers love me right?!” and making not so subtle remarks about the girls in the front row.

Gyrating over amps, playing with his nipples and generally putting his hands where nobody wanted to see them go, after a while the audience were paying less attention to the music and spending more time staring open mouthed at the big screens, deciding whether to avert their eyes or not. Many thanks to the cameramen who made sure there were plenty of close-ups of sweaty, hairy legs and belly buttons.

Just two sets before the arrival of The Mighty Boosh Band onstage, Har Mar had a sizeable, hyped audience, the songs “I Got Next”, “D.U.I” and “Power Lunch” all causing a good deal of bouncing and screaming. It was his semi-nude antics however that undoubtedly caused him the most cheers; Har Mar may not be to everyone’s taste but his unshakeable belief in his own sex appeal made him certainly the most funny and arguably one of the standout performances of the day.

Har Mar himself may have put this most bluntly: “You guys are making festival history today…by watching me!”

Mr. Superstar you are brilliant.