Day 6 at the iTunes Festival

I am guessing when Elliot Minor teamed up with iTunes to put on a night of free entertainment; they had no idea what they were getting themselves in for. With the venue, Camden’s KOKO, packed with teens and adults ready for the night of their lives, how did Elliot Minor get on.

At first the three front lads, Alex, Ed and Teddy seemed to stay well back from the front of the stage; either bored, scared to move or nervous of the individuals standing in front of them. After a couple of tracks the lads seemed to lighten up a little, let themselves go and really put their heart, soul and energy into their set.

They guys blessed the crowd with familiar album tracks such as ‘Jackey Jules’, ‘Lucky Star’ and ‘Last Call To New York City’. The singles such as ‘Still Figuring Out’ had the most impact on the audience, sending them completely wacko, especially when they spiced things up a little. ‘The White One Is Evil’ got a rock re-vamp, ‘Jessica’ got all jazzed up and ‘Parallel Worlds’ shocked the crowd into another dimension. As this last song began slow and mellow, the crowd were encouraged to sing along acoustically to the track. Although, to be honest I felt let down and disappointed by the acoustic manor ‘Parallel Worlds’ presented since this was the bands first single and most popular track. My entire perspective changed when the lads proceeded with take two and made the show end with a bang.

From the minute this gig began to the last explosion of instrumental vibrations shocking their way through a dazed audience. From the acoustic, to the upbeat to the all out OMG outbursts, this gig had it all and the band was as amazing as they always are. Energy driven, bouncing off the power the crowd were emitting and giving such a radiant and astounding performance that gave me shivers through my bones to the tip of my toes. The one concern I have, if Alex’s hair get any longer over his eyes he isn’t going to see the end of the stage getting that ever more closer. The hair may have it, but safety is vital.