Every festival has to start somewhere.

Everything has to start somewhere and that's also the case for festivals. Fight Like Apes were first up on the main stage at Connect (the Oyster Stage) and they weren’t aided by the area sections remaining closed for nearly an hour after they were meant to open up. Health and safety should always be paramount but then again, so should informing paying customers of delays as opposed to having a lot of people milling about with no idea of what was going on.

All of this meant that only the truly committed or extremely patient were in place for the young Irish act to open up this year’s festival. Not that it seemed to concern them though as they attacked their set with energy and vigour. The delay also meant they would be one of the few bands to play a venue more covered in grass than mud and a great deal of folk were able to lie down and relax whilst the band played. Come Sunday that would be an impossibility so it was not all bad for Fight Like Apes and their place in the running order.

‘Lend Me Your Face’, a recent single, was the first decent hit of the day and the spirited vocals of MayKay won over a few fans, as did her dancing and attempts at stage humour. Following on with a cover of ‘Light Sabre Cocksucker Blues’, Fight Like Apes got proceedings off to a lively start, it just may have been for more people to have caught them.