Glo-sticking it to the man.

The night may have been starting to get dark, the mud may have been starting to build even inside the Unknown Pleasures tent but sometimes you need to take a look at the positives. Crystal Castles had recently announced they had cancelled their UK September tour due to recording commitments but they still managed to fulfil their festival shows. This meant that the electro duo brought some much needed bleeps and glitches to the Friday night in Connect.

On record the band showcased a varied sound, certainly with more peaks and troughs and styles than would usually be associated with bands of this ilk but this show featured the duo in full on thrash mode. In a dark tent, two people wearing dark clothing with hoods pulled down whilst on stage is going to add nothing to the visual effect but the wall of confusion and noise fitted the show perfectly

The tent was pretty busy in places with some dodgy underfoot conditions making it difficult to dance in some places but if anyone was happier than the kids pogoing about it would have been the owner of the glo-stick stall close to the tent. A vast array of lights were performing their own rhythms and movements in front of the act but it wasn’t putting Alice Glass off…mind you, that’s maybe why she had her hood pulled down.

Her vocals were at times exciting, at times tortuous but never un-interesting and the constant sense of danger and fun made the show an extremely interesting proposition and a welcome break from the other delights offered up by the festival.

Whether they are a flash in the pan revelling in a time that is right for their music or they have staying power, Crystal Castles certainly know how to knock a show out.