Cracking Support

I originally came across Shinedown whilst on me hols in Florida in Dec 05. As usual, Id never heard of them, but we could not get away from their single ‘Save Me' which was being hammered on my fave holiday radio station WJRR Real Rock 101.

I jumped at the chance to be able to review them, and thankfully was not to be disappointed. Playing songs from their new album, ‘The Sound of Madness’ (for some strange reason not to be given a UK release until next year!). Come on record company get you feckin act together. Luckily I got my copy on holiday.

Shinedown hit the stage and set their stall out immediately. They had a (very) good sound, better than expected for a support slot, and were definitely out to impress the full house. In singer Brent Smith they have themselves one hellova front guy. Yes he loves the sound of his own voice, but he got the crowd whipped up and gave them all a performance rarely seen from a support band. Best part of the night was during the song ‘45’, where Brent got all to light up their mobiles, lighters etc. I looked behind me and the result was simply stunning.

Lead guitarist Nick Perri, peformed from the Hair Metal Guitarist bumper book of shapes and stances, windmills, back breaking shapes, widdly moves, the lot!

Songs from the to be released ‘Sound of Madness’ were aired and well received from the excellent opener ‘Devour’, the title track, and the melodic ‘Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide’ to one of the last songs on the night ‘Second Chance’ which I fully expect to be a mainstay on US rock radio should they release it as a single. The end came all too soon with ‘Fly From the Inside’ and Shinedown left to rapturous applause. I for one will be there if and when they tour in support of this great album in the New Year.