Top Class Entertainment

After a tediously long soundcheck the crowd are more than ready for The Kills; it’s a packed venue about a quarter of the size of Camden KOKO, which the band more than adequately filled back in April. As ever, the band put on an impressive show that drives you to swing your hips along to their blues-driven rhythms and howling vocals. ‘URA Fever’ instantly gets the crowd going with its sexy, teasing riffs and VV is instantly on form, strutting up and down the stage with hair across her face and not a care in the world.

It would be fair to say that the band’s current album, ‘Midnight Boom’ is a pretty mixed bag and we’re treated to a sensational version of ‘Last Day Of Magic’ which is a little more sultry, but still bluesy enough to get the crowd moving to the duo’s raunchy sound alongside, ‘Sour Cherry’ which is grimy, beat-driven pop. There are some great moments when VV alone, free from her guitar, flies wildly around the stage, but equally entertaining are the moments when the two interact, for example during a stripped down and spruced-up version of ‘M.E.X.I.C.O’, or ‘Kissy Kissy’, which follows the same engaging formula, adding a feeling of creativity and spontaneity to the set.

There’s nothing worse than a band that just roll out all the hits, after all. That said, older hits like the predatory ‘No Wow’ come out equally well as the new material and wind the crowd up to a pretty feverous peak.

The Kills are always a delight to watch live, giving everything to the performance, whether it be VV head banging against the wall, or Jamie wielding his guitar like a gun, there’s always as much energy on stage as there is top music. The band’s tour continues this week and if you’ve never seen them before, then they’re definitely worth facing the cold winter nights for, and the perfect way to inject some energy back into your winter.