Pride & Glory

Vancouver four piece Pride Tiger get an early slot on the 2nd stage (which today masquerades as the Born Again stage) and make an immediate impression, mainly due to the antics and stage presence of drummer/singer Matt Wood. With his wild hair and equally wild drumming he brings something different to this stage and it works well as they deliver a set of upbeat rock & roll. Three of the band used to be in the much heavier 3 Inches of Blood (who notably were involved in a fracas with Saxon at this event last year) but this band is a long way from that.

With tracks like ‘The White Witch Woman Blues’ and ‘A New Jones’ they get a real groove going and mid way through the set I’m thinking that they really sound like another band but it doesn’t come to me. The material is solid without ever really exciting and the performance is much the same. It’s good fun and enjoyable enough but it doesn’t make me want to rush out and buy the album. The crowd seem to be into it though and drummer Wood does his best to win them over when he jumps down from the kit mid song to get the crowd clapping and singing along.

The sound is generally good although when one of the guitarists switches to keyboards they are way too loud. It’s easy on the ear and the guitar parts are uncomplicated but effective and I finally twig who they sound like, it’s Thin Lizzy! They should take that as a compliment as to create that kind of feel behind the songs is no mean feat but overall they’re not doing anything new or off the wall enough to really stand out.