What's in store?

The Plight hail from Leeds and have been going a few years now, racking up tours with the likes of Gallows. They get a tea time slot today and manage a fair turnout but struggle to win them over early on. After a lengthy intro with some nice dual guitar they launch into some fast and tuneful punk edged rock.

They have a good front man in Aliskull and he’s helped out ably by some solid riffs and good song structures. The Plight are certainly a band that know how to hold your interest and with a good deal of bouncing around going on up on stage there’s plenty to like. Unfortunately most of the crowd don’t seem to agree and they get a disappointingly muted reaction. They mix up the set nicely, providing good variety in style but never letting the tempo drop.

The sound is good and allows the more intricate moments to come through and they do steadily win the crowd over, by the end the band are probably wishing they could start again. Overall though they have impressed and deserved better but with the emphasis more on the classic /old rock this year it’s probably no surprise. They clash with the arrival of Thin Lizzy on the main stage and the majority of the crowd ship out, leaving few in front of the stage by the end of the set. They should have stuck it out, well worth checking out.