Big Women

Last seen at Download earlier this year Big Linda get a really early slot thanks to the no show from Get Vegas. With no other stages yet open this works in their favour and the hopelessly inadequate Queen Victoria pub is packed out.

Big Linda deliver classic rock riffs and with good sound and a solid performance they get a great reaction. There’s not much room to move on the small stage but they still manage to be engaging. Rob Alder's vocals are strong and he’s backed by some solid musicianship, particularly in songs like ‘Fifteen Seconds’, ‘Same Old Black Shirt’ and ‘I Don’t Even Like You’.

Perhaps it’s the small venue or the tightly packed crowd but they come over much better here than they did at Download. As at Download though it’s their cover of Thomas Dolby’s ‘Windpower’ that steals the show and finding themselves with a little more stage time than expected they string it out into a lengthy jam. The crowd are ready for a weekend of rock and Big Linda are a pretty good start to proceedings and should have done themselves plenty of favours today.