Once upon a time there was Hurricane Party, who became Roadstar, who eventually became Heaven’s Basement! Word seems to have got around though as the Queen Victoria is absolutely rammed for their early slot. Unfortunately due to the awful layout of the venue the view from anywhere except in front of the stage is crap.

This is big hair rock but it’s done exceptionally well and the lively crowd lap it up. Singer Richie Hevanz works the crowd well and is clearly feeding off them. The tunes are big and brash and are just made for rock & roll posturing although there is the odd cheesy ballad but even then songs like ‘Such is Life’ are saved by a big singalong chorus. The musicianship is solid and the performance engaging, you can’t help but get the feeling that you’re watching something a bit special here and the majority of the crowd seem to realise it too as every song is greeted by a rapturous reception, ‘Executioners Day‘ in particular drawing a rousing chorus of approval.

It’s big, anthemic, assured and confident and although it’s only a short set on this evidence they have every right to be. Some in the crowd afterwards are making a note to remember this day as the day Heaven’s Basement made a real breakthrough. Let’s hope they can keep this name long enough for that to be true.