The Last Supper

This is Menace have at one time or another been made up of members from no less than 19 bands including the likes of Hundred Reasons, Killing Joke, Sikth and Pitch Shifter amongst others. Today they keep the numbers down to four vocalists and a constant band for what turns out to be their final ever performance.

Up against main stage headliners Black Label Society This is Menace are on a hiding for nothing and although they start with 50 or so punters in front of the stage by the end this has dwindled to about 20. This is a real shame as they are a really good band, their blend of melody and hardcore is thoroughly impressive. They attack every song as if the room was packed out and set a blistering pace early on. I confess I don’t know who all the vocalists are but it doesn’t really matter as the continuity is kept by the band and the change in vocal styles adds welcome variety.

Colin from Hundred Reasons takes over towards the end of the set and gives his usual energy filled performance, which makes it all the more disappointing that there are so few people to see it. The riffs are big and heavy, the melodies are tuneful and the vocals urgent and the longer they play the more I like them. The small but faithful few at the front of the stage do their best to make some noise and are rewarded at the end with free tshirts and copies of the album.

For such an ambitious and successful project this is not a fitting end but the band can do no more than they have and it’s been a stirring performance.