Acid Test

Litmus open the main stage on Saturday amidst some confusion as what we think is their sound check turns into their first song, however the security haven’t opened the arena yet so there is nobody there to see it! Once the confusion is over however a steady stream of people make their way over from the bar area and whilst they don’t get much of a crowd in front of the stage there are plenty on the periphery listening in.

Litmus only get half an hour today but they use it well and deliver a short but well worked set of what is essentially Hawkwind influenced space rock, complete with projections and lights. As well as the basic guitar, bass and drums they are supplemented by keyboards and samples/programming and it all fits together very well. An interesting version of Pink Floyd’s ‘Astronomy Domine’ is mixed in amongst original material and although they only get time to play about 4 or 5 songs it’s enough to make an impression. The musicianship is tight, the sound pretty good and for fans of space rock there’s plenty to like here. It’s certainly not original but it’s done very well and the frenzied, elongated jams get a few heads nodding in the crowd.

This is unashamed space rock in the finest tradition, they wear their influences firmly on their sleeves but it still manages to sound fresh and vibrant. Well worth investigating further.