Not exactly Eurotrash

Formed in 2001 Power Quest are the brainchild of former DragonHeart )later DragonForce) member Steve Williams. Now an Anglo-Italian outfit they play classic euro sounding power metal. Despite overlapping with Black Label Society on the main stage they get an OK crowd.

Their sound is fairly generic within the confines of the genre and they sound like you’d expect, keyboard heavy with lots of furious guitar solos over the top. The clean, high pitched vocals of Alessio Garavello work well and suit the fast paced melodies of the songs. The crowd isn’t that big but they love it and the band visibly seem to respond, turning in a performance that is both tight and energetic.

I’m not the biggest fan of power metal but you can’t get away from the fact that when it’s done well it’s pretty impressive and Power Quest do it well. You probably wouldn’t favour them over DragonForce or Firewind but they fly the flag perfectly well.