Camden Barfly presents The Hot Melts

The Hot Melts mix a 50's style rock n roll base with a punk-pop filling and guitar crescendo topping to form some bold songs. They have jotting around the music industry since the millennium and took time out to team up with a few other bands on a recent tour.

Unfortunately, their performance didn’t really shake the boat. I would have probably been more entertained sitting at home and listening to an album of their music rather than heading out in the cold to watch them perform on stage. I have since listened to a few of their tracks and they are fairly enjoyable, but there was nothing very noticeable about the Hot Melts as they entered the stage; apart from the fact that it took them the good part of 45 minutes to get up there. When they finally decided to grant us the pleasure of their company, my legs were aching; my patience wearing thin and the dingy little venue that is the Barfly had started to grow stale.

It seemed the vocal harmonies were the strongest part of the performance, even if one of the band members thought it was acceptable to chew gum and perform at the same time. If The Hot Melts put as much effort into creating a memorable performance as they do into creating their music I would have been more than satisfied. However, there was nothing memorable about this performance, nothing that made it sparkle. Sorry lads, good tunes, but the set needs spicing up.