Hundred Reasons on tour

To coincide with the re-release of their fourth album this month, ‘Quick the Word, Sharp the Action’, Hundred Reasons set out on tour of the UK, making a quick stop at Islington’s O2 Academy.

By the looks and sounds of it, it was quite possible the band had been saving up all their energy for the night’s performance, as it was very energetic, lively and never really left much room for a breath. Each track performed was melodic, bouncy and hard-hitting. The guitars were heavy, rumbling through the venue, with thundering drums crashing and vibrating the bar at which I was standing (and not drinking).

When you stand at a gig, looking up or down at the stage you want to see a band that is full of character, musicians that are going to give it their all and really make the most of their time performing. Lead singer Colin Doran was a tremendous front man and had a persona to suit playing live. While up there, adored by hundreds, he had the charisma and ability to wrap up the crowd in open arms and kick start them into to a frenzy, encouraging them to really let lose and enjoy themselves. While he was on stage bouncing around like a puppet on a string, the crowd observing from below, and above, sang their little hearts out. They got their arms waving, swaying to the music and jumping as they sang along to tunes such as ‘Kill Your Own’, ‘Oratorio’, ‘Silver’ and ‘Live Fast Die Ugly’. Even the tipsy punters at the bar looked like they had a night of good music by the way they were screaming along merrily. The band looked like they may have impressed one of the support acts too as the Canterbury boys stuck around to watch Hundred Reasons rule the stage.