You Me At Six on their 777 tour

You Me At Six has never really been a band to make a flashy set. They usually keep it simple and that is what makes them so down to Earth. Part of this changed as the lads took to the stage at the Roundhouse for the last night of their 777 tour; seven nights in seven venues in seven cities.

Their entrance was very suspense filled and quite dynamic. Each band member was gradually presented in a silhouette behind a white sheet that when fell, presented the lads to the crowd. The guys also decided to go all out with their lighting effects with flashes of beams glowing over the crowd. Even by making their set that little bit flashier, classy should I say, they made the fans more appreciative of their new set.

As usual, they granted us the pleasure of the album tracks, ‘If I Were In Your Shoes’, ‘Gossip’ and ‘Tigers and Sharks’, they also gave us ‘Sweet Feet’, the B-side to their recent single and an incredibly welcomed rendition of Fall Out Boy’s single ‘Sugar We’re Going Down’. Mostly the fans adored the bands most familiar tracks ‘You’ve Made Your Bed’ and ‘Save It For The Bedroom’. As Josh and later his sister, approached the stage for ‘Always Attract’ the atmosphere in the Roundhouse changed dramatically. What was a manic, very excited crowd all of a sudden stopped in their tracks and took full notice of the stage in front of them; from screaming and utter madness of movements to a quiet and reserved crowd.

The way the lads put on a set hasn’t really changed. Their eagerness, enthusiasm and entertaining ability has always had a hypnotic trance over the crowd; from the storming of the stage at the Water Rats, the crazed and electrifying atmosphere of the Astoria to the largest of venues, Wembley. No matter how little or large the venue or crowd, the guys were up to the challenge. Here they made the set of a higher quality but maintained their sense and stability. It was great to see the all powerful You Me At Six back on stage and this time trying something a little more creative, but just as enjoyable.