The Spill Canvas get rowdy

The Spill Canvas took to the stage at the Roundhouse as if it were their band name in huge letters over the door headlining and not as a support band in small print. One of Americas finest newcomers gave a night of extremely loud and incredibly powerful tunes with addictive melodies of tracks such as ‘Staplegunned’, ‘Polygraph, Right Now’, ‘Reckless Abandonment’ and ‘Lust A Prima Vista’.

As the set began, I thought what a great bunch of lads, professional, sophisticated, well presented and smartly dressed. As the set continued, they were not as innocent as my mind first thought. As the band worked their way through the set, their musical style seemed to darken slightly, added depth and grow more powerful in their presentation of the songs. They also added a little naughtiness about their presence when commenting rather boisterously on one young girl’s banner.

Along with this growth in their incredible music, lead singer Nick Thomas put so much strength into giving a 110% performance. His stamping feet and singing showed so much enjoyment, excitement and motivation for not only what he was singing about in his sharp voice but just being present at the venue.

The combination of electric songs and amazing vocals put a smile on my face. With the energies of the crowd blasting through the atmosphere, this set was amazing to watch being performed and one of the most impressive I have had the pleasure in seeing. Hopefully we will see The Spill Canvas return to the UK very soon for another few dates, or maybe a possible CD release...we can always hope.