Emarosa take it hard

Emarosa headed out on tour with You Me At Six for a seven day excursion of the UK, winding down the last night of the tour at London’s Roundhouse. They came from America to bring us a night of amazing music, but I think lead singer Jonny Craig got a little more than he bargained for in one performance he will not be forgetting in a hurry. This is mainly because of the tremendous reception that they received from the crowd, but also for the fact he ended the night in A & E with a suspected sprained ankle after thinking it was a great idea to end the set by jumping from the speakers to the crowd; not such a great thought out plan was it...

The epic, and I use this term highly, atmosphere created while the band were performing was enthralling to be apart of. Their passion for entertaining to the best of their ability and letting themselves go throughout the set was incredible. They gave us a dynamic, engrossing and very lively set. The vibrations through a combination of keys and bass swept through the Roundhouse generating a remarkable effect on the crowd, especially when performing the brilliant ‘Set It Off Like Napalm’ and ‘Heads or Tails, Real or Not’.

The night may not have ended in the way the band had foreseen, but Emarosa gave it their all and suffered the consequences bravely in the morning.