Cage the Elephant at the KOKO

The first time I heard the Cage the Elephant single ‘In One Ear’ I was totally impressed. So, when the opportunity to review them arose, I couldn’t help but jump at the chance to see them live on stage.

What made Cage the Elephant such an incredible band to watch was their enthusiasm for performing and much of this was thanks to lead singer Matt Shultz. His jolting, energetic and quite quirky stage manner was the first thing that caught my eye. It was as though he had a tick, this unconscious urge to persistently move in an anxious and rather drunken way. Between the upbeat, rapturous tunes with him bounding like a toddler on reins to the mellower songs in which he still manages to flutter around, Matt was a performer you couldn’t help but be entertained by. He was able to keep the crowd engaged through each song, leaving little time to take a breath.

While bouncing around and keeping the crowd's eyes moving, he gave the best vocals he could, however they were not perfect. The great thing about a band live is their unsettled vocals and in Matt’s case his performance was enough to entertain a crowd and his vocal edge was even more welcoming. This live show touch, demonstrates his enjoyment in singing and performing.

Demanding the crowd’s attention Matt jumped onto the speakers, getting his microphone wire wrapped around the guitarist's feet. Towards the end of the set he really let himself go, jumping into the crowd, microphone still in hand and slid across the stage on his back showing he still had his best inside him after all that effort.

If you have heard the band's album, you would have been more than impressed by Cage the Elephant’s set; its entirety was addictive. From upbeat melodies of ‘LOTUS, ‘Tiny Little Robots’, ‘Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked’ and ‘Back Against The Wall’, to one heck of a melodious ballad and the explosive ending. It is easy to see that Matt Shultz was a man in his element while on stage. He is made to be a performer and goes about it better than most. Cage the Elephant were amazing to watch and I would certainly go to see them again.