Appearances Can Be Deceiving

As British band My Passion take to the Red Bull stage you’d be forgiven for immediately writing them off as mere scene followers, more concerned about their appearance than their music as their goth threads and eyeliner suggest perhaps more time was spent in front of the mirror than writing songs. But appearance can be deceiving.

Melding disco beats begging to adorn the latest horror flick to riffs that zig and zag with energetic threat, My Passion don’t just take to the stage, they invade it, claiming every centimetre of it as their own as their deviously dark and seductive songs quickly have the tent shaking. Synth heaving ‘BooMan’ propels segments of the crowd into a dance frenzy as bass player Simon Rowland bounces around the stage like a man possessed matched only by guitarist John Be’s charges forward. It's front man Laurence Rene who draws everyone’s eye though. Acting out virtually every line he sings, Rene cynically spits out lyrics with contempt only to soothe away the anguish an instant later and as ‘Crazy And Me’ screeches and seethes with tormented menace, it's clear that My Passion are fast becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Forget appearances, on the outside it might seem like music comes second, but from the instant they step foot onto the Red Bull stage it's obvious that music is the only thing this quartet truly has a passion for.