Elliot Minor play the O2 Islington Academy once again

I love getting in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of a gig, especially when the band is none other than the delightful Elliot Minor.

My goodness these lads have changed over the last year. I remember when I first saw them at this very venue, the O2 Islington Academy; they looked like choirboys as it were. Now however, they look as though they are pros at what they have been doing and taken the appearance to match. No more clean cut image, the Elliot Minor boys looked unshaven, untidy yet very ravishing nevertheless.

The guys gave an energetic performance of material off their debut self titled album including ‘Jessica’, ‘Running Away’, ‘Time After Time’, ‘Still Figuring Out’ and a whole lot more. They also gave the crowd a glimpse into their new material such as the songs ‘Courtroom’ and ‘I Believe’. What made Elliot Minor so spellbinding as they performed was the way in which they modified the songs for a live performance. In comparison to the CD, which is as close to perfection as possible, the live demonstrations that Elliot Minor gave consisted of more rugged instrumentals, an unpolished feel and I loved it. Their acoustic version of ‘Last Call To New York City’ was cantered just where the fans needed that small break to regain their breathe before once again losing of self control and getting grasped into the music.

There was one particular moment in this set where all hell broke loose and a few people probably feared for their lives, well bodies at least. At the moment the unforgettable piano opening of ‘Parallel Worlds’ was heard the crowd all pushed forward, not caring who was in their way, to get into the depths of the song and the centre of the madness that was erupting at the front of the stage. It was a rush of adrenaline for not only the crowd screaming on the ground but the band demonstrating that they can cause just as much madness as the bands in the big leagues.

Elliot Minor has a new album out in October and through what I heard, may out do their debut.