Hip-shakingly good.

Over the past twelve months, having received considerable radio airplay for singles ‘Jump in the Pool’ and ‘Skeleton Boy’, Friendly Fires have developed quite a following, something which became clearly evident as the Other Stage was packed for their early evening set.

Now the Other Stage can be an intimidating and precarious place, particularly for an indie three-piece. Many bigger bands, both in number and reputation, have struggled to hold their own and excite the congregated masses.

Any doubts of their impending presence however were dispelled instantly as the trio let fly with the excellent opener ‘Lovesick’. Confidence visibly oozed from frontman Ed Mac, prancing and dancing his way around every inch of the stage and shaking his hips more energetically with every passing tune. The Duracel bunny would have been proud, and the ladies in the audience did their best to voice their approval.

Throughout the band’s all to brief set (they do only have one albums worth of material after all) Ed continued to hold and engage the crowd with ease. Crowd pleasers came thick and fast, with ‘Skeleton Boy’ and ‘White Diamonds’ receiving particularly rapturous ovations, while the band also debuted a new track (possibly called ‘Fahrenheit’, although I’m not 100% sure), which was also greeted with acclaim.

This then, was an impressive display by a band determined to prove that they can pull, and more importantly hold and engage, a large crowd on a premium evening slot. A test that they passed with flying colours.