Secret set kicks off Glastonbury 2009

On a boiling hot day in almost Saharan sunshine, it was a minor miracle that the Queens Head stage didn’t bubble and melt in the sweltering heat. All day long strong rumours had been circulating that Maximo Park would officially ‘open’ Glastonbury 2009 on the Queens Head stage, so the entire area was brimming with sweat-soaked spectators, so much so that security actually cordoned off the area to prevent others joining the bulging underbelly of the tent.

As Paul Smith and co waltzed onto the stage and launched into their set, it was immediately apparent something was amiss. The main screen outside the tent relaying both sound and images to the entire crowd had crashed; no sound, no picture. The heaving masses were not too concerned at first, such was there excitement and unwavering optimism. However, seven tracks in, there were still massive sound problems, the void in sound being subsequently filled by a congregation of boo’s and general noisiness.

Whether those on stage knew what was happening remains to be seen. After all, if they had declared any such knowledge, those of us outside wouldn’t have heard it. Slight consolation was received at the end, as sound was restored for the final three tracks, including crowd favourite ‘Books From Boxes’.

Despite all the major technical faults, Maximo Park had achieved what was expected of them; they had well and truly kicked things off for Glastonbury 2009. Those who were able to hear their performance were duly impressed, while those who couldn’t were provided with their first grievance of the weekend to moan about. What more could you want from an opening performance? All bases covered.