Warning: Angular electro-pop may cause Welly involuntary malfunction.

The Queen's Head stage was alive with the buzz of anticipation, which only served to intensify as Brighton’s Metronomy graced the stage to a rapturous welcome. Although a relatively unknown entity to me, I soon found myself engulfed and swept along by the tide of jagged, angular electro-pop that coursed through the tent from the outset.

Particular crowd pleasers included ‘Heartbreaker’, ‘A Thing For Me’ and the vocoder-tastic ‘What Do I Do Now’, all of which were greeted by all manner of disjointed dance moves, wellies akimbo, as the
crowd ground down deeper into the mud.

By the time the band’s set was unceremoniously cut short, which in turn was met with well-voiced universal disapproval, I had been well and truly absorbed into the Metronomy musical mindset. And I was not the only one, as several latecomers reeled in by the angular electro hooks thrown in their direction, waded in to discover who was responsible.

This then, was almost the perfect festival scenario; not only had Metronomy quenched their loyal fan base’s thirst, they had also splattered intrigued newcomers with their indie-electro beats. And mud.