Buckcherry - Sonisphere 2009

“You’re not supposed to be up this early to rock n roll” Josh Todd, Buckcherry’s colourful front man, states during their 30 minute set on the main Apollo stage. At 11.20 on Sunday morning, he has a very good point. But with the sun shining down on the early crowd, the Los Angeles rockers wake up those there, clearing any hangovers that may or may not be floating around after the first days activities.

Playing tracks from their new album, 'Black Butterfly', which on this evidence sounds like it could be one good album, especially 'Rescue Me' with its serious subject as well as some classics too. The majority of the songs are what you expect from the five piece; songs about having a good time in true rock n roll style. None more so than their most famous track 'Crazy Bitch', which is still played in virtually every rock night club up and down the country.

Josh Todd, despite the unfamiliar time for him, oozes class on stage showing off his heavily tattooed torso. It is a shame not that many people could get up in time to see Buckcherry as it was a beautiful way to start any sunny day.