Airbourne - Sonisphere 2009

Saturday early evening at Sonisphere was time to check out a newish band that had been creating a bit of a reputation for themselves with their live performances. Coming all the way from Warrnambool in Australia, Airbourne did not take long to demonstrate just why they have got these reputations.

Within three songs front man Joel O’Keeffe had climbed up the massive stack of amps to the side of the stage all the way to the top, which was as high as the stage roof. From here he proceeded to carry on playing before swinging on the frame, which caused some people to close their eyes due to the sheer craziness. Once back on terra firma, Joel continued to entertain, sliding around the stage, getting carried on a roadie’s shoulders right in front of the crowd and keeping the crowd involved all the way through, which was very impressive as the worst of the weather happened during Airbourne’s 45 minute set. Could easily be said that Joel is the perfect mix of Justin Hawkins, from Darkness, and Angus Young.

As always when bands do rely on stage antics there is a danger that the music is not up to the standard needed. The music here is highly enjoyable, I doubt people would have not got completely drenched for the stage show alone but you can tell that they are very heavily influenced by ACDC. Having said that, coming from Australia I guess it is either ACDC or Kylie. I know which one I would choose.