The Defiled - Sonisphere 2009

There are often pleasant surprises at these events and this time they came none more so when stumbling across London 5 piece, the Defiled. Walking out on stage they certainly looked the part dressed in their industrial style outfits and it soon became apparent they kicked ass the same way too.

It did not take long for the other people floating around trying to avoid Limp Bizkit were drawn towards the Jager Truck stage where the perfect mix of high energy stage show combined with some excellent rocking hardcore industrial style music. There was even some moshing, which was unheard of at this stage and it was hardly surprising with drummer JC doing double kicks on a single bass drum and The AVD throwing his McAudio keyboard around like there was no tomorrow, which for this keyboard actually proved to be the case as at the end it was beyond repair and thrown into the crowd. Stitch D is a great front man and along with his fellow sting players, Drex Exel and Curse (Just love their names), they all performed to the high standards expected of the main stage.

With their debut EP, on newly signed In At The Deep End label, released early October, based on this 30 minute set it is going to be a must have. Quite possibly The Defiled were the most enjoyable band seen all weekend at Sonisphere.