Young Guns - Sonisphere

As if having to play at the same time as Heaven and Hell and Flood of Red wasn't enough to make it hard to draw a crowd, the 5 Brit's also had the dubious pleasure of being on stage on the Jaeger Truck during the worst weather of the day.

The heavens opened and dumped the rain down on the faithful few who had turned up ready to watch the set. Taking it in their stride the boys plugged in and put on a top show. Singer Gustav Wood showing he has the ability to charm a crowd, with heartfelt but not excessive thanks to everyone for getting wet for them and non stop in between song banter keeping everyones spirits up.

Somehow guitarists John and Fraser Taylor and bassist Simon Mitchell squeezed themselves onto the truck and were a mass of non stop movement that was entertaining to watch, as well as creating damn fine music. Drummer John Taylor holding the beats together at the back was clearly enjoying the spectacle.

This band is about more than just an entertaining show. They're highly talented and produce mightly catchy tunes. By the time their half hour was up they'd drawn a reasonable crowd and everyone walked away smiling and talking about them.

Already generating a buzz in the British music scene, it's clear these boys have the goods to go far.