Limp Bizkit - Sonisphere

Limp Bizkit unintentionally caused some major drama for Sonisphere organisers, with Machine Head pulling out as soon as they heard Limp Bizkit had been added to the bill. Machine Head ultimately showed up and played but made it very clear they had no respect for the Bizkit.

Fred Durst took it in his stride and remained the bigger man, praising Machine Head's set and their talent and then putting an end to it all and focusing on rocking the arena.

Kicking things off with 'My Generation', which is always a crowd pleaser, then melding into some lesser known fan favourites the general feeling floating around the arena was interest but no real passion.

So they turned it up a notch. Wes Borland strutting his stuff around the stage all in white, Drummer John Otto and DJ Lethal working it from the podium, Sam Rivers beating the life out of his bass and Durst powering his way through their best known songs from 'Rollin' to 'Break Stuff', 'My Way' and 'Nookie' the energy finally lifted and there was movement and sound from all around the Apollo stage.

Ending it all with 'Take A Look Around' the band did everything they could to make this a great set, sadly, while there were patches of passionate fans generating energy, the crowd as a whole just weren't feeling it today.