The boys are back and they're rocking your socks off

The five Californian's strolled on to the stage to greet the crowd, many of whom had been waiting over a year to see them rock a festival. After having to pull out of Reading last year due to singer M Shadows having throat problems, this was their first set back on UK soil.

Sonisphere was the place to do it, a proper hard rock festival for a proper metalcore band.

Ripping into 'Critical Acclaim' they started the crowd moving and, from start to end, it just didn't stop. Shadows showing he's recovered perfectly with strong vocals and gut wrenching screams.

Avenged Sevenfold are a band that have a distinct presence and they brought it out in full force. Classic back to back riffing poses from guitarists Zacky V and Synyster Gates, Johnny Christ strutting his stuff back and forth while pounding out the bass rhythms and behind it all The Rev keeping them all in time with his precision perfect drum beats.

Pulling out the hits from their entire catalogue they fed the crowds passion and worked them up to an energetic pitch that resulted in multiple circle pits during 'Bat Country'. Keeping the momentum going to the end they closed the Saturn stage for the night with one of their most popular songs 'Almost Easy', leaving the crowd pumped and ready for headliners Metallica.