Feeder - Sonisphere

Feeder stood out as a very light band on Sonisphere's metal heavy bill, but this didn't stop them from putting on an absolutely rocking show for the fans. Drawing their fans and some curious onlookers to their end of the arena they kept them entertained with a blend of fast and slow songs, throwing in all the big well known hits.

Singer Grant Nicholas and bassist Taka Hirose strolled around the stage clearly enjoying the atmosphere. Playing a finely tuned set, bringing out fast paced 'Godzilla' and big hit 'Buck Rogers' at well spaced intervals, keeping the set from falling into a mellowed out slow alt rock session.

For the crowd though, this was really one for the fans. Playing in the slot between Machine Head and Limp Bizkit and directly opposite Corey Taylor, Feeder's post-grunge stylings were not an attractive option for many of the Sonipshere attendees. This was obvious after 'Buck Rogers'. During the last fifteen minutes of their set there was a steady stream of people moving away to the Apollo stage in preparation for the next band.

Feeder put on an effortless performance and do what they do very well, but Sonisphere in 2009 was probably not the right place for them to have an exceptional day.