The Who

The Who returned after thirty four years since their last Isle of Wight performance, showing they’ve certainly not lost their touch, playing just as energetically as always. Being the act everyone wanted to see, the packed grounds of Seaclose Park found adoring fans loving this mega two-hour set. This is despite being more tame than their last performance, where they destroyed all their equipment in a violent mod rockers frenzy, leaving the only hint of their famous rock and roll behaviour being a frustrated throw by Roger Daltrey of his out-of-key harmonica.

Despite being an older band, thus with older followers, maturity showed no bounds for the get-up-and-go of these 50-somethings, still going strong, but with only two of the original four-man line-up. The crowd echoed their energy, throwing themselves into song and dance. Roger however made it clear how much quieter it was this time round, but he and Pete Townsend made up for it by their captivating performance. Certainly a great choice for the middle of the festival. 5 out of 5.